Friday, January 19, 2007

My newest creation

Taking a break from the peculiar lives of teenagers (who sit at their computers typing LOL, LOL, all day, yet never actually laughing out loud....) to get back to art. This lamp was an experiment and a departure for me. Since the base is wood I used earth tones instead of my usual turquoises. And since all sufaces on the lamp are curved I had to use tiny little pieces, instead of my big, bold window pieces. But it came out well (she said, surprised), don't you think? It's got a nice arts and crafts feel to it. I want to make more, with different vines twining around. (Will, if you're reading this, I'm thinking of making a lamp like this, but possibly with a grape vine twining around it, as a wedding present for you and Nikki. What do you think?)

So it's something to remember-- it's good to push ourselves beyond the limits of where we think our joys end. Because then we find pleasure in absolutely unexpected places and so our sense of happiness grows that much larger. And maybe that much easier to find next time we have need of it.

As always, Love E

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bro-in-law said...

The lamp looks beautiful, E. Congratulations!