Saturday, April 14, 2007

"That's so gay!" part 2

I was startled out of my usual AM stupor recently by a headline in the New York Times aking, "Is your car gay?" (My answer, as a good liberal, of course is, 'Whatever my car's sexual orientation, I'll love and accept it.') Briefly, the article said that there are cars that both gay and straight people see (positively or negatively, depending on how enlightened or neanderthal they are) as shouting out, "I'm Gay!" For Gay men, it's sporty little convertibles. For Lesbians, it's the "Lesbaru Outback." I'm guessing my 81-year-old male ex-Navy-captain neighbor is going to be surprised to know he's been flaunting his lesbianism..... Anyway, the article went on to say that, according to consumer surveys, however, the car most gay people buy is the Toyota Camry. Which is also the most popular car for all Americans. This average-Americanness is borne out by my experience; my closest lesbian friend drives a minivan strewn with her three kids' junk, and a gay male friend only rides a bike (which is unamerican, but then he's Canadian). So when someone says, "That car is so gay," what they're really saying, whether they know it or not, is, 'That car is so popularly American!" I think I'm going to start trying to use "gay" as an adjective more correctly. Some examples might be, "Wow, that urban sprawl is so gay!" or, more positively, "Don't you think freedom of speech is really, really gay?"

P.S. - Thanks, everyone, for the great comments on my earlier posting.


Solace said...

Thanks for writing this.

Elizabeth said...

My pleasure. And thanks for reading it and commenting!