Sunday, December 7, 2008

The bumpy, bumpy road

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Just a quick update. The husband's foot/health problems continue, and continue to worry me. And i got the nicest rejection letter ever from an agent. She said:

"...the plot is very unique and fully imagined, and I love the fact that Dorrie was able to create a loving and unconventional family for herself. I also think you did a really great job of grounding the manuscript in the Castro District – I always love when the setting is so vivid and three-dimensional that it feels almost like a character. I completely admire your imagination, and I can also tell that you have a love for San Francisco and for Asian culture – it informs the narrative and provides a nice sense of familiarity for the reader."


Anyway, what with hubby-related stress topped with publishing-related stress, I probably won't be writing much for a bit. But I did want to let you all know.


Susan said...

E - congratulations on that letter! It's tough when it's a "no" but it's a letter that is affirming of your writing ability and can give you hope.

At least I hope it does. Funny how there is a "scale" for rejection letters! I've been happy with a few I've received too.

I hope you and the hubby can get to the bottom of the health problems soon.

ayem8y said...

At least they took the time to respond, it’s a better cushion than endless wondering.

Have you guys tried one of those homeopathic remedies where you work out all of the body’s toxins through the feet? It truly works.

Post Script, "Happy Holidays"

yellowdog granny said...

take care of the 'but's...and send it back...hope hubby is doing better...will light candles and say a prayer..

Claire M. Johnson said...

Okay, the win is that is it extremely clear that she took the time to read it thoroughly. Did the "but" make any sense to you? Did it give you something you can work with?

Still biting nails on Kirk's front. No diagnosis? Just continued pain?

Elizabeth said...

Susan - Thanks, and nice to hear from you. How is your publishing quest going? yeah, it was a nice one. Could only have been nicer if it had been a yes!

ayem8y - Yes, she was really encouraging. So I'm trying to find some time and energy for a rewrite and maybe resubmit.

Oh honey, we've tried all kinds of things, holistic and otherwise!

Granny - I'm planning on it. And thanks, always, for the candle and the prayer. I've been saying a few myself lately.

Claire - Yes. I'll forward you the whole letter. I'm collecting comments from various friends and hope to sort it out after the holidays.

As for Kirk, I'm very stressed. This is precisely what we went through last time around when, for over a year, the doctors dismissed his headaches as a minor problem that was unrelated to his blood disorder. It makes me crazy. He's got great doctors, but they're only great for him when he gets their attention (which only happens when we're already WAY up shit creek and long since paddleless). I'll keep you posted.

a thousand shades of twilight said...

Elizabeth, so sorry to hear about Kirk - it must be so stressful to be going through this all over again. And sorry to hear that you have to fight to get the medical attention he needs. It must feel like you can't let your guard down for one minute. I just wish you all peace and health and happiness.

I know it probably doesn't help much, but it does sound like an encouraging letter from that Publisher. Who really knows what is behind these peoples' decisions? Who knows how conservative and market-driven they have to be? Who knows how close you might have been to being accepted? All I can say is that your immense skill and humanity is on display for us right here every week. And for that we are most grateful! I hope you can dust yourself off for that re-write - if not at this stressful time, at some time in the future. It's clear to any of us who read your stuff that you REALLY have what it takes..
Thinking of you, darling.
Much love.

Willym said...

Guess I don't need to tell you that your hubby is on the list when I light a candle and this weekend in Munich we stopped off in a few churches and said a few works to who ever it is that listens.

Hopefully this editor also sent you some suggestions for rewrites? Sounds like they were encouraging at least and had some advise to give.

baci di Munich.


Doralong said...

At least she was encouraging! beats a form letter after all.

Good luck with the diagnosis, we have a spanky new mystery symptom too (oddly involving lower extremities as well) that is mucking up the works down here. Oh well, drink some egg nog and make as merry as possible.

sageweb said...

Hope the hubby gets better soon..I will be thinking of you and your family.

Rebecca said...

I think your writing is precious.

And my thoughts are with you and Kirk. I'll wish for the foot pain to just go away.


jason said...

xoxo right back to you.

more cowbell said...

Well nuts, on both counts. I'm really sorry to hear about your hubby's foot madness - like anyone needs any more anxiety in these times! I know you will keep on those doctors, but it's tiring, isnt' it?

Well, actually I think it's pretty cool that a publisher actually took the time to 1)read your manuscript carefully, and 2)write you a personal letter. So, same question as others: what did YOU think of the "but"? Was it helpful stuff you can work with?

Ditto Granny. You keep at it, I like your style of writing.