Thursday, January 15, 2009


16 things about me that you don't know

1. I was born in a hut in Taiwan.
2. I tried to be a breech (feet-first) birth, starting a pattern of always jumping feet-first into everything.
3. In the first six years of my life I lived in five different countries.
4. I had an amah who had bound feet.
5. I have, at various times in my life, spoken fluent pidgin English, Chinese, Cambodian, and English. Now I only speak fluent English. But I do speak that very well!
6. I went to middle school at the school that Sasha and Melia Obama now attend.
7. There was a girl there in my year, who got a new mink coat every Christmas. Really.

family history
8. I am (at least) 5% Native American (my mother had a DNA test).
9. My great great grandfather was the chief of the Eastern Cherokee. Oddly, he was also 100% Caucasian (both his parents emigrated from England). So great great great granny, anything you want to tell us?
10.He ended his life in an insane asylum refusing to speak anything but Cherokee.
11.Charles Frasier wrote a crappy novel about him in which he didn’t end up in an insane asylum (which I think is one of the most interesting things about him).
12.I plan to write a (nonfiction) book about his life. We WILL go all the way to the nuthouse!

Likes and dislikes
13.I have eaten sea slug, snake, and river eel (among other weird things).
14.The only foods I will not eat are liver and canned lima beans.
15.I think ballet is boring.

16.The compliment I received that has given me the most intense pleasure and pride was when the captain of a snorkeling tour boat told me I swim like a mermaid. I truly wish I could be a mermaid.


thombeau said...

How completely interesting and intriguing! And how nice to see you without your eyes crossed, for a change!

sageweb said...

Very cool. The mermaid compliment would make any swimmer happy. I can't wait to hear more about you great great grandfather.

Kim Hambric said...

Very interesting -- thanks for sharing. I would be quite interested in hearing about your great great grandfather. I'm right there with you on liver and limas. Nasty.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you are enjoying your Pennsylvania winter. One of us should.

Willym said...

what an incredible picture - and though I may not have known any of those things none of them surprise me.

more cowbell said...

Ooh, interesting! THese are the kinds of memes I like. I like the pic, too.

Doralong said...

Now those are some interesting facts!!!

yellowdog granny said...

what a terrific bit of information about you...i like the idea of you being a mermaid too..

yellowdog granny said...

ps I have to oil paintings of mermaids.

today!...I received the greatest package from Pittsburgh...what a treat..Im still laughing my ass's the most perfect book I have ever owned...It's better than all my collection of Bush Bashing books..thank you thank you thank you..I'm going to be carrying it around in my truck showing it to everyone i meet in town. Bless you my child...your in the will...Except a stack of old rock and roll albums when i croak...all my love jackie

Jaliya said...

Hi, Elizabeth! I connected with your blog via Yellowdog Granny ... That photo! Those crossed eyes and fish-puckered lips! It's hilarious! Good lord ... is this what marriage and motherhood does to us?!?!?!!? ;-)

jason said...

I won't eat liver or lima beans either!
And there, alas, is where the similarities end.

I wish I could claim just one third of these things!

(Or at least a mink coat.)

Sparkleneely said...

Elizabeth, you are fascinating! i love these 16 things, and would love to hear more.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!!

Will said...

No Fair. I knew about #'s 1,3,4,6,8, and 9. I want 6 new ones... :) Didn't know about the insane asylum though. And lima beans and ballet do suck, but unequivocally denouncing liver can be dangerous. What about Foie Gras? Mmmmm, Tasty.

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