Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scandalous me!

Someone just tried to register to leave comments here and she reported that she got this message: "Sorry but your website is listed as unsafe for children or dangerous by one of our website rating services."

First let me say how honored I am to receive this recognition from the Academy. Also I want to thank the big guy upstairs (by which I mean Bill Gates, who has made it so easy for me to offend complete strangers). But most of all I want to thank the gay boys who ensorcelled me into promoting their scary Big, Gay, anti-family (by which I mean pro-family) Agenda by being so kind, lovely, and funny. Without you I never would have scandalized anyone!


a thousand shades of twilight said...

Speaking of kind, lovely and funny, I do believe that would be YOU!. Oh, and...YAYYY!!!YOU'RE OUR HERO!!!!!!!!!
I hope you see this for the honour it truly is.
This has made my day! :)
(Your image really made me laugh out loud!I like your t-shirt too!)

Willym said...

Well I for one have always been scandalized by the carryings on of your and yours... why I have often stood on street corners invoking Sodom and that other place! Unfortunately nobody seemed to be able to tell me how to get to either one!

Anyway cara you'se in good company - had that happen to me once, its happened to JR and a few others. We are baaaadddddd!

And my verification word is "undspore" - now that sounds like a dirty word!

sageweb said...

I have a ton of trouble commenting on any blogs lately..I have to re-log in atleast 3 times just to leave a comment..I think it is just my firewall at work tho..


I'm so jealous..that would be my goal have someone say my blog had no redeeming qualities and was bad for you...I could retire..
you are now officially my hero.

jason said...

Of course I'm scandalized. That's why I'm here.

Doralong said...

Sorry, still trying to get over the convulsive laughter.

Elizabeth said...

All - Thank you, thank you. I can't tell you how young and naughty this has made me feel! Better than botox. Makes me want to write more of whatever it was I wrote that offended someone... if only I could figure out what it was!

Sling said...

Congratulations!..These are the times when all that scandalous behavior really pays off.