Sunday, January 9, 2011

More pictures from the dynamite crate

There are more of this series on my flickr site if you'd like to poke around my grandfather's world.
Horseman by the shore, Nicaragua, late 50s

People at the swimming hole, Nicaragua, late 50s

Office workers, Honduras, late 1950s

Boy holding machete, Nicaragua, late 1950s

She's a little devil (Cousin in a mask)

Pirate cousin


mumbliss said...

So cool. He had a wonderful sense of humor that got passed down to his progeny. Hooray for that!


what an eye he had..and don't you just love those dresses?

laurent said...

These pictures of Nicaragua are priceless, when one thinks of the violent history that followed. Great mementos.

jason said...

again, the cousin in the mask!
Love love love!

Elizabeth said...

mumbliss - It makes me so happy that you met him. He was such a goof, as (proudly) am I.

granny - I LOVE those dresses!

Laurent - Yes, this was well into Somosa's reign, but before the Sandanistas were established and his brutal crackdowns began. There are, in the collection, many many pictures of officers of one sort or another and there is a clear sense of a police state.

Jason - I put those in for you! Glad you like 'em.

Anonymous said...

My brother by chance came across this site and lo and behold we believe the woman on the lower right of the photo of four is my aunt, who was hallf Italian and from Honduras. Are there any more details re this photo? My grandfather worked for Standard
Fruit Co in La Ceiba Honduras.

Florida Property/Bad Faith Insurance Defense said...

My mom has confirmed that the woman in the lower right is her sister, who worked for JA Jones in Tegucigalpa. Small world---thanks for posting this beautiful picture of my aunt, who died in the 1980s. Her daughter will be astonished to see it.

Florida Property/Bad Faith Insurance Defense said...

My aunt's name was Gloria, not Floria, which is mentioned in another post of the picture, link below . My mom can confirm the woman next to my aunt as Lilia. Interestingly, my mom says that someone at JA Jones office in Tegucigalpa was very fond of my aunt.

My aunt was half Italian and grew up with my mom in La Ceiba Honduras. My aunt married an American and moved to New Orleans in the 1960s I believe. Just an incredible coincidence to come across the picture.

Elizabeth said...

Amazing and wonderful that you happened on the pictures! I still have the photo. If your cousin would like to have it I'd be happy to send it to her.

Florida Property/Bad Faith Insurance Defense said...

After posting the picture on her Facebook, my cousin said that the find made her day. Will let her know your kind offer. "Gloria" was my "Tia Tala" Short and Spanish for Aunt Italia. She and my mom, along with my uncle (also died many years ago), were the offspring of an Italian (Vittorio DiIorio) and a native Honduran, Sara Galindo. Vittorio, the story goes, jumped ship from an Italian military vessel when the situation in Italy was not looking good for him. He made his way to Honduras and began working for Standard Fruit company in La Ceiba, which was run by the Vaccaro brothers. "Gloria" and my mom went to boarding school in Honduras and so their English was impeccable, which explains how my aunt got the job at J.A. Jones. Eventually, my aunt married an American and settled in New Orleans. I remember visiting her as a child--she was always generous. Gloria's sister, my mom, is alive and well in North Carolina, where I grew up. Her daughter and grandchildren are thriving in Florida and New Orleans. One person in the picture is still alive, but has Alzheimers, apparently. The stone work in the picture is typical of Honduras. One of the ladies in the picture apparently "warned" my mom about my dad, but she ignored her. Ha! You will see the resemblence in any pics you see of my Aunt's daughter. Two of her nephews, my brother (Marco Caceres-- see and me are on the net (J. Pablo Caceres I don't see a lot of resemblence, but a little is there at least with me. Just amazing the things that had to fall into place for this picture to come full circle.....