Friday, August 17, 2007

Craven self interest in the schools, Part 2 (of what looks to be a very long series)

In theory, the schools are supposed to create an IEP (Independant Educational Program) for any child, gifted or disabled, with special educational issues. With three of my kids labelled as "gifted" (and my feelings about the use of that label will have to be a whole separate blog),I've long understood that the IEP is merely a formal set of hoops that we sign our way through so that our kids canl be pulled out of their boring classes and do the same fun stuff with other kids whose parents advocate for them; there is no true individuation of their curriculum. So it shouldn't surprise me when the school district shows openly that the IEP process is a sham.

As my earlier post said, in our last meeting with them, our school district, while pretending to be cooperative, let us know indirectly that they weren't going to play nice and place our kid in the private school that could really serve her needs. This morning my husband talked to the director of special ed who told him straight out, without any IEP (in fact, before having even a meeting with us to create a make-believe IEP) that "the most appropriate placement" for our daughter is their crappy classroom with their untrained teachers and that there is "no way" they will reccomend a placement at the private school that is actually equipped to teach her.

So, again, I thought I was jaded and unsurprisable, but their unabashed openness about letting finances decide what's "appropriate" for a child shocks even me.

P.S.- The otherwise helpful and lovley private school has said they need TWO months of tuition up front. At $50,000 a year over nine months all I can say is, Ouch!

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