Saturday, October 13, 2007

Love letter

Oh Al. You're such an adorable boy scout of a geek. I truly love a man who over explains things (after all I married an academic). And even when I thought to myself "Shut up and land the plane already. Get to the point, man!"; even when you were V.P. and neutered by the limits of the office; even when you were dimmed by the dazzle of Bill's 500 watt charisma; even when you lost the election that you won, you, the good boy, had my heart. I knew you'd never get or need a blow job from an intern to feel like a man. And look at you now! Saying fearlessly what you really think (and I won't dwell on how you could have done a teeny tiny bit more of that when you were campaigning), winning your Oscars and Nobels, jetting off into the sunset like the Alan Cummings ubergeek at the end of "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion."

Now maybe I can stop aching about what our country would have been like if you had actually taken office after you won that election, and get on with my life. Being on the fringes myself, I was always a George (occasionally even Ringo) Beatle girl. It's wonderful to see a nice guy kicking some ass.

So Congratulations and Love always, your #2 fan (because, of course, you're married and I'm married, so Tipper has to be #1. Sigh.)


more cowbell said...


Couldn't have stalked him better myself.

Elizabeth said...

Cowbell: Thanks. it's good to know an out-of-practise gal like me still has a pash note or two left in her.

Ms. Place said...

Great post. Even if it wasn't meant for Mute Monday, it fits.

Elizabeth said...

It's just too hard for me to shut up and be mute sometimes (as my husband and kids will be happy to testify to)!

Monica said...

OMG another george lover. i'm sorry, even though i love me some gore, i zeroed in on that part because it is so rare for me to find another person who loved george harrison the most. he is my favorite beatle, my favorite wilbury and my favorite george.

Elizabeth said...

I always was a sucker for those dark-eyed quiet boys.