Sunday, November 2, 2008

How the campaigns look on the ground in Western PA

Apologies to those of you who aren't Americans. We are a nation obsessed and, like a bad dinner guest, our conversation will - until Tuesday - return over and over to our tedious monomania. That being said, here I go!

Pundits are saying that Western Pennsylvania, where I live, is going to be a bellwether area in the election. So yesterday, when I went into town to get some more Obama signs (because, really, one sign on your front lawn isn't clear enough, is it?) I walked past the local McCain office. It was CLOSED - empty and locked up tight, not even one lonely volunteer answering the phones. On the weekend before the election. The Obama office, however, was packed with volunteers who were working the phones and organizing the push to get-out-the-vote.

This doesn't mean I'm feeling complacent. Any Democrat who hasn't been on a continuous Valium drip for the past eight years won't have a shred of complacency in them till the last vote is nailed down and John McCain gives his concession speech. But this did cheer me up immensely.


Sparkleneely said...

You are so right -- I am cautiously optimistic. I volunteered and phonebanked both days this weekend, and it was PACKED. And I got some nasty McCain supporters (who were on the list by mistake) who swore at me. Stay classy, GOP!

Hopefully we'll be celebrating Tuesday night!!!


yellowdog granny said...

that's funny!...I've lit so many candles and sent up so many prayers to the Goddess, that if we don't win, I'll never be the same again.

Claire M. Johnson said...

I read a story on this (will try to remember WHERE, but you know, brain doesn't work sometimes) exact effect pretty much everywhere. That is the thing that is amazing about this campaign. How he has energized an entire electorate that has been dominated by apathy for the last eight years, leaving the rest of us hostages to the neocon agenda.

sageweb said...

Oh I am so nervous about this election.

I heard a guy say about standing in line for 4 hours..."I have had to watch Bush destroy this country for 8 years...4 hours in line is nothing." Oh I love that.

Miss Janey said...

What Sageweb said!

Miss Janey is SO EXCITED to cast her vote for Obama she wonders if she'll sleep a wink.

mumbliss said...

I am so nervous. I feel like I am a priceless and precious piece of fragile artwork. I am so afraid that something wil happen to me before I cast my vote. I am not afraid of leaving my family motherless, wifeless, sisterless, and daughterless, I am afraid that if I get hit by a truck that I won't be able to vote. ... And the ridiculousness is, that I live in Massachusetts where it isn't a big problem. It is my anxiety that is the problem. I am in such a twist over this election. I have to wake up early to vote before work, and I hope I can sleep. I have to wake up early to vote before work and I hope I wake up. I feel so foolish. I can't imagine getting through the day tomorrow from the worry, and I refuse to imagine that it won't work out the way I want it to. We have a party planned at work for Wednesday and have invited all the customers to celebrate. I have kept a positive outlook.... stiff upper lip, but I think I might wet my pants, so do not look down. Please know that I send all my love to you if I explode or get hit by a truck after I cast my vote. I am getting to the polls in a popemobile. I have it rented for five minutes. And I am wearing diapers.

Elizabeth said...

All, I'm as nervous as a cat in a bag. We're doing what we can here - driving people to the poles, etc. So fingers, toes, and every part of me crossed. Here we go kids! Let's all say it together:

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!