Monday, February 9, 2009

Me? A Superior Scribbler? Yay!!!!

The lovely Sparkle Neeley at 97thingstodobeforeiturn97 gave me a Superior Scribbler award! What a nice way to end a fairly awful day. My "superficial keratectomy" (aka cornea scraping) was painless but fairly icky. All I can say is that watching someone throw away part of your eye that he just scraped off is pretty freaky. It's sore now, but the big question is how it will heal. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, it was so cheering to come home to her wonderful description of my blog:

I love this blog so much. Each time I click and begin to read, I feel as if I'm starting a lovely novel that I don't want to end. I savor every word, and can't wait for the day that I can read Elizabeth's words bound and on paper.

My eye feels better already!

So now I have to choose five other people to receive the award and show a link to This Post and choose five more award winners!


Willym said...

I'm glad it was painless - but yes it does sound really icky. You are a better man than I Gunga Din!

What a great surprise to come home to... and she's right!

Anonymous said...

A well deserved award!

Sparkleneely said...

Elizabeth -- you are superior and deserving of this award! Now, I wish a glittery tiara, banner and roses came with it, but I'm just glad there was a way to let you know how fabulous you (and your blog) are. Thank you so much for writing!

Hope the eye is better soon!


yellowdog granny said...

hope your eyeballs are better...

you deserve this award..and many more.

Doralong said...

Well deserved dear. Hope the eye progresses quickly!

sageweb said...

Yay for your are the best!
Do you get to wear those sexy goggles to bed? Hope your eye feels better soon.

jason said...

Those two words:
"scraping" and "cornea"
should never be allowed to be used in proximity to each other. Never.

but congrats!

a thousand shades of twilight said...

Yes, a cornea scraping sounds positively hideous - hope you are recovering well - your eyes are precious to us too!

The lovely Sparkleneely's award is, of course, totally deserve - you are such a natural, elegant writer - so engaging, entertaining and moving. And bloody hilarious too!

Thinking of you and your cornea!

more cowbell said...

I second the motion. You are indeed a superior scribbler. Hope your cornea is feeling superior too.

mrpeenee said...

I always knew you were superior, I'm just glad the rest of the world has caught up with my good tastes.