Thursday, July 29, 2010

Really peculiar record covers

That I have found over the years. I did nothing to them but photograph them and giggle.
Loveless Missionary Adventures
Loveless Missionary Adventures For Kids
"And in the end, my little ones, the lion ate the missionary. Sweet dreams!"

Roe v. Hair
Roe v. Hair
(I think the hair is winning.)

Aunt Carmine Carmela....
"Aunt" Carmela
has an adam's apple and wears size 12 shoes.

Prince Larry Valiant
Prince Larry Valiant
Knight of Orlon, Dacron, and Polyester.

99 Luftwaffe balloons?
Rockin'  soldaten!
Those Germans know how to party!

And Adam awoke on the first day
And the plants of the garden
and found he had some morning shrubbery, and it was good.



oh you know i love that last one.
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jason said...


Kim Hambric said...

And just when I think there is no one in a 500-mile radius of me with a sense of humor, I come across this.

It does look like Aunt Carmela is the only one in a 500-mile radius with a sense of humor.

mumbliss said...

These are wonderful. Your comments make them even better. My personal favorite,although its hard to choose, is the one dedicated to teens, with love, by the lovely Gloria Roe. Definitely the winningest hair. I wonder what she is singing.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Those are all SO great! I love Gloria's hair and that "morning shrubbery" thing is pure brilliance.

L said...

hhahahahaha morning shrubbery