Saturday, July 10, 2010


Browsing in the library, I came across a book called Six-Word Memoirs. So here are two I thought of for myself.

1. Grandfather jumped. SSRIs invented. I won't.

2. Two miscarried. Two adopted. Two more.

And here's one more for comic relief:
Skinny. Chubby. Slim. Pregnant. Chubby again.

I'd love to hear your six-word memoirs!


my friend Anne must have read the same book..she does a six-word blog and i usually try and leave a six-word reply.

L said...

Living in a town called Transition.


My grandfather is a faith healer.


Ten fingers; ten toes; body hair.

Anne Watkins said...

Drawing while walking, eating while talking.

alyssa said...

Hi Elizabeth,

This is Alyssa from SMITH Magazine, the creators of the six-word memoir. Thanks for the mention! We'd love for you and your readers to join us at and submit your memoirs. You get published instantly on the website and a chance to be published in one of our books.

Thanks again!
-Alyssa, SMITH intern

Anne Watkins said...

That is cool! I saw the Smith site yesterday as a result of this post. And there are illustrated versions - are those part of the book too? I was unclear from the NPR report.

mumbliss said...

I have been missing you.

delightful excercise. Hard to resist. Thanks

Sure of Spring,
but still surprised.

fairytales, bruises
same story,
keep believing

Seeing grass crack sidewalks,
I rejoice.

Charmed life?
Maybe not.
Just blessed.

Beloved friend,
I belove you,

Chris said...

Not now.
Maybe later.
Fuck off.


Nanny couldn't dance, but I do.



mumbliss said...

So I'm happy. Don't shush me.

Oh no..
I can't stop.

I'm happy.
Don't Shame me.

I am working. Please don't watch.

I'm still mad. Don't shush me.

I am busy. Don't Bother me.

I'm not done. Leave me alone.

I'm still talking. Don't shush me.

I'm still talking. Where are you?

What do you mean? I'm boring?

Wasn't it funny? Maybe it wasn't.

I thought so, but maybe not.

I am sorry. Please forgive me.

Sometimes I feel clever,sometimes not.

Is "I'm" one word? or two?

Are contractions allowed? Please say yes.

Back to basics. yes. I understand.

I hate shame. It feels awful.

I love to laugh with Elizabeth.

When peonies bloom, I am grateful.

Money is essential, but gets expensive.

Ebeth and K make me happy.

Three children, one husband, and me.

a thousand shades of twilight said...

Love it!! :)

Here's the story of my life (it's actually chronological!):

Glass half empty. Glass half full.

The Justified Sinner said...

What fun!

Not enough time in this life.

Kirk said...

Bum childhood, bum gut, wonderful life.

Elizabeth said...

All - What wonderful responses and memoirs! I'll try some six-word answers:

L - Honey, we all live in transition!

Anne - Artist like her lines: dynamic, quick.

Mumbliss - I miss you too sweetie. Always.

Chris - It's a bumpy road to Paradise.

1000 shades - I hope your cup runneth over.

Sinner - Astonishing beauty comes from your hands.

Kirk - Didn't you mean a wonderful wife?

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Kathleen said...

(1) Lucky me: loved and been loved.

(2) Slowly devolving into a dog. Woof!

(3) One man. Three kids. Grown up.

(4) Save, spend, splurge, guilt, debt, pay.

Thanks! That was fun -- and therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

relinquished child. violent mother. beloved son.

more cowbell said...

for: parents, husband, children, finally: me.