Sunday, October 10, 2010

National Coming Out Day: The thing that makes you extraordinary

Here is a really touching video made by the pop star Darren Hayes for The Trevor Project (a suicide prevention hotline for LGBT youth). He says here, "The thing that made me extraordinary made me a target" and it made me think about all the extraordinary gay men and lesbians I know - people who are extraordinarily kind, extraordinarily funny, extraordinarily gifted in so many ways. And I wanted to say thank you to them, all of them, for being survivors even though they were targets. Because we're all "different" aren't we? And as I wrote here some time ago, when I met my first openly gay man, it was like a brisk and sweet-scented wind blowing away all those layers covering my own difference. If they could "say it loud, say it proud" then so could I. I see now that I gravitated to people who had felt within them some deep difference growing up and had learned to embrace it, so that I could learn to embrace mine. I still do.

My two beautiful teens who also happen to be gay, went through a phase of dressing in girly clothes, wearing make up, dating boys, twisting themselves into some idea of "normal." And they were completely miserable. I'm so proud of them for letting go of that, for having the strength to accept and embracing who they really are. Because they are perfect and extraordinary.



Goddess bless you and your extraordinary, smart and beautiful daughters. We're all so lucky to have you in our lives.

jason said...

amen, sister!

David said...

Much needed after the horror of that poor student who was hounded by his fellows (who, incidentally, I don't think should be punished under law - they will have enough to deal with as it is).

Remember - there's a lot more acceptance out there than hatred, even if it takes time. But the hatred always hits the headlines.