Sunday, July 15, 2007

Herding cats, part 1

Having started with twins, I don't know what raising one child is like, but managing more than one is like, well, you know; each of them moving off in their own direction and not caring if anyone else might need to stop and use the kitty litter, metaphorically speaking.

It's just been that kind of a day.

OK, so I took all four kids to the new Harry Potter movie by myself to give the husband time to write. I can't tell you much about the movie because Charlotte, who it appears didn't care for it, kept asking to use the bathroom (the only request that would make me take her out of the movie. She might be special but she's not stupid). Eliza kept telling me she was going to throw up because the movie was making her motion sick. Seriously. So I held her just to comfort her all the while telling Charlotte that we weren't going to go to the bathroom again until the movie was over. Because, of course, Rose and Sara were riveted and weren't about to leave.

Quote of the day: "Excuse me Mommy, could you please stop hugging me. I afraid I might throw up on you."

Check out the video below. "It ain't an easy job. But when you bring a herd of 'em into town and you ain't lost a one of 'em....ain't a feeling like it in the world." That's how I felt today when I finally pulled up in front of the house, opened the door of the minivan, and they all piled out. I was proud, because I hadn't killed a one of 'em.

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