Friday, July 27, 2007

Star of Panama window, revisited

I was commissioned by a friend to make a mosaiced window, for her mother, of the view from their family home in Ecquador. They had a Poinsettia/Star of Panama tree in their yard, and beyond it a view of Mount Chimborazo. Her mother, who lives in the US now, is slowly losing her eyesight and my friend thought a stained-glass window, with its bright colors and simplified forms, would be perfect for her mom.

The first image here, is the first sketch I did of a Poinsettia plant. They're lovely plants - each leaf, with its mix of colors, is like a stained glass window in itself.

The second image is a mock-up of the window. The mountains look like a heap of mashed potatoes, but I knew what I meant. I started out making the window this more distant view of the tree, but the leaves were all tiny and uniform and it drove me crazy. So I tightened the focus in to make it look as if you're standing right by the tree. Better for her mom, more fun for me.

The third is my now glued-on window. It hasn't been grouted yet, so it's far lighter and less unified than it will be, and the colors don't pop out the way they will when they're all surrounde by black grout.

I'll be out of town for ten days. Hope to post the completed window when I get back and am happily freckled and sun washed from the beach.

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Sara said...

The window is very, very beautiful, grouted or no. Love the colors!