Monday, July 16, 2007

NEW KITCHEN!!!!! (well part of it anyway)

This is the part of the kitchen that looks like someone else's kitchen, even though parts of it are missing (e.g. knobs on cabinets, paint on walls and trim, other stuff). Please note the floor. Because most of the kitchen is still in the same configuration it was 100 years ago (with the original 100 year old built in) I was going for a subtly retro feel, with the checkerboard pattern in the middle and the alternating blue and white border. But I wanted it to be more of a nod toward the past, rather than an imitation of it. Note, also, the two different colors of blue on the floor, darker and lighter. Oooh, I had fun playing! So I'm really happy. Still lots to do, but having the new floor, cabinets, and counter is amazing to me. Does this mean I'm a grown up?

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Have you eaten off that floor yet?! It's beautiful! Lucky you!