Monday, February 15, 2010

All work and no play make mom a bad girl

OK, this has officially veered off into horror. I really truly believed that worst was behind us. The husband was home, the furnace was new and waranteed, we were more or less dug out. What else could go possibly go wrong? And that just shows a complete lack of imagination on my part. Because this morning, with two kids still home from school the power went out. Which meant the the brand new furnace was off, as was the stove (electric starter!), and the phones (wireless). And my husband had taken the car and MY cell phone to a meeting which could not be interrupted.

So I'm officially done saying "It can't get any worse." What do you figure is next? Boils? Locusts? Or just flooding from the snow melting. Maybe I should start building me an ark.



we'll always have paris..

Willym said...

Well just think it could be actually be worse: there could be another Bush in the White House!!!!!

sageweb said...

Oh but what about the quality time with the kids?

aa said...


Sling said... I suppose asking you to lend me some money is outta the question.

Margaret Benbow said...

Our ancestors lived without all these fancy gadgets like heat, but...hmmm, oh yeah, their average life span was about 27 years. Forget I said anything!

a thousand shades of twilight said...

Whatever happened to bad things coming in threes? Why couldn't they stop at three? Surely you'll be able to look forward to a year of nothing but good fortune after this..

Love the image by the way..