Thursday, February 11, 2010

OK, I'm better now

The elusive teenager (above) pokes her head out of her hole and predicts six more weeks of winter.

The furnace man came at 8AM this morning. A couple of hours and a couple of thousand dollars later, the heat was on and the icy gulag of our house was thawing out. To celebrate the warm inside, the kids went out and built an igloo (so that they could remember that good old icy feeling of a house without heat?). Then they came in, shedding clothes and clumps of snow all over the place (while I yelled ineffectually "Don't get snow all over the floor.......") and ran to sit on the heating vents and warm up. And, yes, I even made them hot cocoa.

Ahhhh. A functioning furnace is a very very good thing.


Willym said...

great photos - and yes a functioning furnace is a very good thing. Glad you are thawing out. Makes me want to reconsider home ownership.

ayeM8y said...

I can take 120 degree temperatures but I simply wither if it drops below 60.

Wishing you warmer weather.

sageweb said...

wow that is a ton of pictures too.


yeah for heat..and i just love those cute..
it's snowing here..???????sigh*

laurent said...

Yeah Winter fun and tomorrow Olympic Winter Games Vancouver!!!!!

jason said...

those are some completely adorable photos there, you know.

L said...

Yes I have to admit, pretty darn cute, those kids of yours!

aa said...