Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hell has frozen over (emphasis on the frozen!)

1. The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl. (The good part of the list is officially over now.)
2. Two feet of snow in twelve hours.
3. A tree in our back yard split in half under the weight of the snow.
(Thank God no one was hurt, and the clever tree managed to fall right in the five feet between our house and our neighbor's house, so neither house was damaged.)
4. Our furnace started groaning and moaning and then conked out completely this morning.
5. It's 12 degrees out right now.
6. I'm cold.
7. I don't like being cold.

There. I'm done now.

I hope to write more soon when my fingers aren't frozen!!!!!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Yikes! I feel for ya. If you can't get that thing fixed soon come on down to our place, we've got plenty of room for you and your family.

a thousand shades of twilight said...

Oh no!! I know how you hate the cold, but this winter sounds particularly dreadful! Clever tree, though. I'm glad that there wasn't an even worse calamity. Thinking of you. Take care.


oh no...that's terrible..get some space heaters...turn on the oven..come to west, texas ..we have plenty of heat..

sageweb said...

What a smart tree...Wow you guys are really getting some weather!
hope you get your heater fixed soon. that cant be comfy.

jason said...

gee, Hell is in Pennsylvania? No kidding! Makes me look forward to going there.

laurent said...

It's 10C in Rome it's cold too and windy, no snow though. Hope your furnace can be re-started soon.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the sympathy all. I was feeling pretty ccccccold and cccccccranky. But we have a functioning furnace now. Yay!