Friday, February 2, 2007

Mother Nature, as if to prove me wrong, gave us this today....

OK. So I had my fun yesterday. It does, occasionally, get winter wonderlandish here, but not often and not for long. It will slush out soon. As Jake Johansen said about New York, Pittsburgh makes its own gravy.

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Will said...

Or you could live in California where you spend most of your winter counting rainfall inches, worrying if there's going flooding or if there will be enough water to get everyone through the summer. And then when summer finally does come, it's 118 bloody degrees, and NOBODY's happy when it's 118 outside. It got that hot last July; I had to go to work in it. I drank an entire gallon of water in 4 hours - Not Fun, on top of the fact that it's that hot, and the water's prolly in the mid 80's.

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