Friday, February 23, 2007

kissing sandwich

So as any of you who've been reading my posts know, I was just this side of certifiable when I found out that one of the twins had a boyfriend. Then my widowed mother announces that she is going on a cruise with her new friend, Bob. Again, news I didn't receive with great internal equanimity (though I'm fairly proud of scraping together some external calm). So now my eight-year old tells me that not only does she have a crush on a little boy in school, but at a moment when no one was watching in class, he gave her a big smooch on her cheek. Oh dear. I feel like a piece of balogna in the kissing sandwich that is suddenly my life.

love and kisses! E


Peter said...

dearest liz: how fabulous to "see" you in your blog, on the web. and, as ever, you write wonderfully well. hope your sciatica is cleared up, and that you've found those kisses as your daughters have found their boyfriends! p

Joanna Goddard said...

what a great pic for that post! how funny. i had a crush on literally every boy in my first grade class (especially Fabio Betts, who had a buzz cut) and i turned out ok:) i wouldn't worry too much, although i hear you about the kissing sandwich feeling! haha

thanks for the funny post -- (i also just left a comment on feb 6th post, which i loved) --

have a great weekend! joanna