Sunday, September 30, 2007

Leave Bjork Alone!!!! Just Leave her alone!

I've been blogging for about nine months now. I've written about such hot-button topics as race, class, religion, homophobia, and the sorry state of public schools in our country and left it open for anyone to read and comment on. And there's only ONE posting that got any nasty comments: The posting in which I said I knew I should like her, but listening to Bjork made me feel like sticking a fork in my ear. Two ANNONYMOUS (too scared to take on a fifty-year-old mom cyberface to cyberface?) Bjork advocates left deep, thoughtful comments. e,g.: "Don't listen to Bjork. It might destroy the one brain cell in your head!"

Here's the thing: IT WAS A JOKE!!! And a self depricating on at that! I know she's a genius; I know she's using her howls and shrieks to experiment sonically and expand all kinds of artistic envelopes. And anyone who could name a band "Snot and Spit" has my undying admiration as a true punk (as opposed to, say, these cute little emo boys with their eyeliner and their pretend-punk posing). But just as her partner, Mathew Barney, makes art that I accept is brilliant but that doesn't speak to me, so her music leaves me cold. And for God's sake
So come on, lighten up you annonymous (and apparently cowardly) Bjork lovers.


LadyKatie said...

Aren't you entitled to your own opinion? I am hoping that the "joke" was about you sticking the fork in your ear...because the other stuff is all your own opinion. Just how it is your anonymous commenter's opinion that you only have one brain cell.
You MUST have more than one because otherwise how could we enjoy your blog so much???
Besides, how could Bsomeone who Bnamed a Bsong "Earth Intruders" Be taken Bseriously anyways, Bjork?

Elizabeth said...

Bthanks! E