Sunday, September 16, 2007


The day we got the letter from the school district saying they'd pay the private school tuition, Kirk and I each read it over again and again to make sure we hadn't missed the part that said, "April fools suckers!" Every indication we'd gotten from the school had led us to believe this process was going to be a long and bloody one, involving many lawyers and much heartache. It is such a miracle that we were able to break through the school district's insane tangle of fear, bureaucracy, and short sightedness without going all nine rounds.

This summer I was talking to my aunt about the case and she turned to me and said wonderingly, "You've had to fight and scratch for every little thing you've gotten for her, haven't you?" And we have. I feel like someone has lifted a boulder off my back; there's the strange, dizzy bouyancy of a body that had long adjusted to strain when, poof, suddenly the strain is gone. Wonder of wonders: sometimes things work the way they're supposed to; sometimes, even within the dehumanizing maw of the machine, we are able to be, and be seen as, human. I don't think I ever need another present for as long as I live.

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